Count Duckula and his family retainers are coping with a lot of rainy days in Transylvania. Duckula wishes to go on a vacation so he can forget such a gloomy place for a while, so Igor suggests that they head to Spain, and visit Don Diego, Duckula's pyromaniac cousin.

And so when the castle moves off to Spain, Duckula receives a rude awakening in the form of his castle catching fire, Nanny mistakenly puts out the fire, and this act doesn't sit well with the local villagers, who have them all imprisoned, until they find Don Diego, who wishes to chop the villagers up and invite some other vampires as guests to join in, so soon he makes a pact with Duckula: Duckula defeats the most evil-tempered bull and Don Diego promises to not harm a single one. But this may prove more difficult than seems.


  • Narrator: "Be warned, dear viewer. This place is the most horrible, the most foul and reeking spot known to man or beast. No other place on the lonely planet Earth compares to this ghastly plot... And I don't mean this episode. I mean Castle Duckula."
  • Nanny (after hearing Igor say that Don Diego is a pyromaniac): "He's nothing of the sort, Mr Igor. Just likes setting fire to things."