Count Duckula wishes to be a superhero much like his space-faring idol, Tremendous Terrance, so he stocks up on cereal tokens to earn a helmet like the one Tremendous Terrance wears.

Von Goosewing, meanwhile, schemes to blow the castle up into orbit. It works, and the castle is sent off into space, where it is bombarded with troubles, first oncoming asteroids, then it is attacked by Oids, creatures in the Tremendous Terrance comic book.

Tremedous Terrance soon arrives on the scene to save Duckula and company from the aliens, and at Duckula's request is sent off to the dreaded planet Cute to stave off the inhabitants, which prove to be nothing more than overtly cute rabbit-like creatures.

Needless to say, after but a few moments' time, both Duckula and Igor are fed up with these creatures and wish to escape, but don't know how.