The Transylvanian cruise liner, the S.S. Transylvaniatania, first appears in the episode "Mystery Cruise" (Season 2, Episode 17). It is a luxury ship, finished to very high standards. Count Duckula and his family retainers get to spend a vacation on the S.S. Transylvaniatania because Nanny won such a prize on a television show called "Super Duper Double Drachma Deal". The prize cruise vacation was intended for herself and two other people of her own choice but Duckula managed to manipulate Nanny into choosing him and Igor.

The ship's captain, Captain Farley, welcomes Duckula, "the extra special passenger" Nanny and Igor aboard the ship. Captain Farley is a little later joined by the beautiful social director, Sandy. Duckula is smitten by Sandy's looks and asks if he can call her "gorgeous" instead. Captain Farley and Sandy inform Nanny that as part of her prize she is to navigate the ship.

When Nanny breaks the ship's wheel, they couldn't steer out of the way of an approaching ship. As a result, Nanny manages to completely destroy the ship, much to Captain Farley's annoyance. A plot soon hatches that all of the ship's passengers should avoid Duckula, Igor and Nanny at all costs, which soon leads to Duckula believing that the ship is abandoned after hearing a ghost story from Igor about the "Mary Celeste". The three escape on a rescue boat and Captain Farley and all the other passengers celebrate with a lot of fireworks.


  • Igor's narration of the "Mary Celeste" mystery is based on a real story and true facts. The story of her 1872 abandonment has been recounted many times, in documentaries, novels, plays and films. The name of the ship has now become a byword for unexplained desertion.
  • In "Hotel Transylvania 3: A Monster Vacation", Count Dracula and his family also go on a cruise liner to enjoy a vacation. In this film, Count Dracula is smitten by the ship's captain, Captain Ericka.


Mystery Cruise

Captain Farley and Sandy meet Count Duckula, Nanny and Igor.


The luxury cabins.