Count Duckula gets his castle refurbished and tuned up, since it is in need of repair. So, Igor, Nanny, and Count Duckula use the car to travel to the Glen Sparrows Hotel in Scotland. What Duckula does not know is that they are not heading to the Glen Sparrows Hotel, but to Castle McDuckula to visit his uncle Rory McDuckula. Igor is taking him there so that his master would become a real vampire, without letting his master know about the secret. While at Castle McDuckula there is a ghost that lives there.

Background Music Pieces

  • "Saw Theme" by William Trytel
  • "Hide and Seek" by Richard Allen Harvey
  • "Turkey Trot" by John Longmire
  • "Lumbering Giant" by Paddy Kingsland
  • "Scream and Scream Again" by Tom Souster


  • Rory McDuckula is a vampirised version of Scrooge McDuck from the Disney franchise.
  • This episode marks the only appearances of Rory McDuckula and the Tower of London ghost in the series.
  • First episode of the show that does not feature Transylvania or Castle Duckula.