On a dark and stormy night, Count Duckula is being read a scary story and soon abandons this little happening to try and fetch himself a snack, while, unbeknown to him, Von Goosewing is in another wing of the castle and is making a monster which he hopes will wipe out Duckula.

The lightning used for Goosewing's experiment, however, redirects itself into the crypt-like basement of the castle, where it finds a stone Duckula and reanimates it, creating a new, evil Duckula which wishes to find people to brutalize.

All around the castle, then, everything is a mess: Duckula is on the search for bread for his snack, the stone Duckula commands Igor to fetch him a shovel so as to kill and bury victims, Igor take orders from both real and stone Duckula, Nanny hides in the attic (from a non-existent monster from the story that was being read to Duckula), where only moments ago, Von Goosewing's creature awoke and made its sullen way to find a headache pill, Von Goosewing goes to find his experimental creature and bring it to eliminate Duckula.