Count Duckula, "the last in a long line of vampire barons", has been going through a rough patch. While awaiting his breakfast of "hot cocoa and chocky bickies", Nanny's tomfoolery nearly kills Duckula and he decides that he has had enough. He wants to give up his title and run away to South America. In order to remind him of his proud heritage, Igor takes him through the castle's picture gallery to show him some of his noble ancestors. While being lectured about the pictures, Duckula asks Igor about his great-uncle's great-uncle, the Archduck McGanza. Igor explains McGanza's lifelong ambition to find the "Mystic Saxophone", an instrument known to give anyone who plays it the power over life and death. This excites Duckula, who wants to find the saxophone himself, thus fulfilling Archduck McGanza's legacy.

Duckula, Nanny, and Igor set off to Egypt to find the saxophone using the castle's teleporter. The Crow Brothers, who were overhearing Igor's story about the legend of the Mystic Saxophone earlier, are unwittingly tagged along with them. The two parties set off to find the saxophone and a lot of trouble ensues.


  • In the background of the scene where Duckula is playing the Mystic Saxophone, we can see a brief first appearance of the character, Dr. Von Goosewing.
  • This episode is included among the extras on the 'Danger Mouse' Season 2 DVD, 'Close Encounters of the Absurd Kind'.
  • In the flashback about Archduck McGanza, Duckula's Great-uncle's Great-uncle doesn't have fangs. In "The Rest is History", the first Count Duckula didn't have fangs until he was bitten by a bat.
  • Duckula is said to be the last in a long line of vampire barons, however, the continental title "Count" is equivalent to an earl, outranking both viscounts (vice counts) and barons.


  • Narrator: "On jagged finger of rock, stands Castle Duckula. Known only in the nearby village as... Castle Duckula. It is the grim and fearful home of the last in a long line of vampire barons... Count Duckula!"
  • Ruffles (The Crow Brothers): "So they've got a lot of valuable paintings, have they? It'll be our best job since the Tower of London!"
  • Igor (referring to the sound The Crow Brothers make when they fall to the ground): "That would be Nanny making the pastry, my lord."
  • Count Duckula: "Not a nudist Nanny, Anubis! It's a statue of Anubis!!"
  • Dmitri and Sviatislav: "What are they calling a pyramid with windows in it?... A tomb with a view!"
  • Duckula: "Well Nanny, no one can say you didn't have a lot of openings in life."
  • Hoomite: "I am Hoomite, High Priest of the Sun God Ra! And this is my assistant, Yoobee."


Mystic Sax 3

Duckula, Nanny and Igor exploring the pyramid

The Crow Brothers 1

The Crow Brothers spying on Count Duckula's castle

Castle gallery

Duckula and Igor observe a portrait of Archduck McGanza at the castle's gallery

Dr. Von Goosewing

Dr. Von Goosewing's brief cameo appearance

Hoomite and Yoobee

Hoomite and Yoobee dancing with Duckula

Mystic Sax 4

The Mystic Saxophone