Nanny, as her name suggests, is Count Duckula's nanny, as well as housekeeper.


Nanny is a very large, strong, and yet unintelligent hen. She is the one who mistakes ketchup for blood in the reincarnation ritual, resulting in the current Count Duckula.

She wears a maid-like outfit, with her right arm perpetually in a sling. The sling itself seems to have unlimited carrying capacity, as she is able to produce any number of items from it (in the style of Harpo Marx's recurring magic satchel joke).

She takes care of cleaning and cooking around the castle, but usually creates just as much mess as a result -- in particular, she has a blind spot regarding doors, and often crashes through a door without opening it first, or (more commonly) walks right through the wall, especially a few feet off from the door's position.

Nanny dotes heavily on Duckula -- her "Duckyboos", as she calls him, she has a deep maternal affection for. Her clumsiness sometimes inadvertently causes him harm, like hugging Duckula so tightly she nearly suffocates him.

She has a strictly professional relationship with Igor, although Nanny considers them to be friends. Igor is hard on her, but seems to somewhat return the sentiment, considering how he goes on vacation with her in 'Hardluck Hotel', and even vents his feelings to her in 'Igor's Busy Day'.

Nanny, like Igor, appears to have a long lifespan. Her voice is heard in 'Dear Diary's flashback, although she's not shown, potentially indicating another Nanny. Nonetheless, in 'Igor's Busy Day' and 'Duck and the Broccoli Stalk', she is shown to remember a few past reincarnations, including Duckula's great-grandfather, suggesting she has been serving the Duckula family for many years (probably centuries).


Nanny is very ditzy and motherly -- a reoccurring gag is her inability to understand what the people around her are talking about. She often mixes up words and takes insult at conversations not directed at her. It is important to note that she is smarter than she appears. Even though she mixes up words, Nanny does show an understanding of what they mean.

She is generally kind-hearted. Some of this may stem from her obliviousness, as she connects instantly with Mrs Bludgeon, but is quick to be friendly even with people like Dr. Von Goosewing. Still, she has the will to stand up for herself, scolding others for being impolite and even telling them she will "smack their legs" for misbehaving.

Nanny is rather emotional, being known to cry when upset or even happy.

Nanny often thinks people are flirting with her. During the show's run, while there have been a few instances of characters in love with her, it is usually a misinterpretation on her part. At one point, Nanny does have her own little fan club.    


  • In the episode 'Alps-A-Daisy', Nanny is revealed to be 7 feet tall.
  • In 'Prime-Time Duck', Nanny is called by "Amnesia" while she is countess. Whether this is her real name or one created for the TV program is not specified. In German, her name is simply "Emma".
  • A newspaper comic contains a gag that Nanny's sling is used to conceal a tattoo, though the tribal women in 'Bloodsucking Fruit Bats of the Lower Amazon' also wear slings.
  • Nanny enjoys knitting.
  • She has an unnamed sister, and presumably a niece named Primrose, who is mentioned twice.
  • Despite being a woman, Nanny is voiced by a man -- Brian Trueman.


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