Duckula is forced to put up with the summer heat in Transylvania and finally decides that he wants no more of the heat, so he and his servants set off in the castle to the Arctic. When the trio sets camp outside in the snow, they find a stately igloo, headed by a servile penguin known as Jyves who claims that his master is gone, and due to his absence, Duckula may use the master bedroom.

Hearing that Duckula is fed up with Igor's sepulchral manner, Jyves offers to serve for Duckula, and in turn, Igor is dismissed, in favor of Jyves and his distant cousins, which all work as maids, cooks, etc. With that in mind, Igor teams up with Dr. Von Goosewing to try and rid Duckula of these newfound servants, but Duckula may have his own problems with these new workers.