Duckula is chosen to host the family reunion, but he does not like it one bit as he knows that his relatives will kill him if they discover that he's not a real vampire. He disguises himself and visits Von Goosewing to order to get rid of his rotten relatives.

Unfortunately, the plan fails after several attempts to enter the castle and on the sixth attempt, Igor sees them and after Goosewing finds out that Duckula was with him he said to Duckula 'You fiend! You monster!!' before stabbing Nanny with his stake.

Goosewing then ran out of the castle and fell off the cliff. Duckula was pleased when Igor told him his relatives had gone but blew up after Igor told him that they were coming back after seven days.

Background Music Pieces

  • "House Hunting" by Keith Papworth.
  • "Vamp Til Ready" by Wally Asp.
  • "Intense Danger" by James Clarke.
  • "Like Strange" by Kenny Graham.
  • "Despair" by Robert Gill.