Series One (1988-1989)

Number Episode Title Original Airdate Notes
1No Sax Please - We're Egyptian6 September 1988In the very first episode, Count Duckula, Igor and Nanny travel to ancient Egypt in an attempt to recover an ancient artifact known as The Mystic Saxophone but the Crow Brothers try to foil their plans.
2Vampire Vacation13 September 1988Von Goosewing makes his debut as Duckula travels to Spain to meet his arsonist cousin and fights the deadliest bull in Spain.
3One Stormy Night20 September 1988Chaos looms in the castle, as Goosewing's Frankenstein monster awakens, Nanny hides in the attic, Duckula seeks a snack, Igor gets lost and a stone replicore of Duckula's ancestor is resurrected, on One Stormy Night!
4Transylvanian Homesick Blues27 September 1988Duckula, Igor and Nanny (along with Dr Tyme) take a rollercoaster ride through time...Literally!
5Restoration Comedy4 October 1988Bored with the look of the castle, Duckula hires a designer to redecorate the castle with Goosewing not too far behind...
6Mutinous Penguins11 October 1988Lost in the Arctic seas, Duckula, Igor and Nanny must survive bloodthirsty pirates, defrosted Vikings and Dr Von Goosewing in order to find their home.
7Dr. Von Goosewing's Invisible Ray18 October 1988Dr Von Goosewing, along with his new invisible ray, invades the castle in another attempt to kill Duckula with hysterical results!
8Down Under Duckula25 October 1988While in Australia, Duckula accidentally sells the clock to a wallaby owner and must retrieve it before dawn rises in Transylvania.
9All In A Fog1 November 1988Inspired to be a detective, Duckula travels to England to solve a mystery, filled with old criminals (literally!) a homage to Sherlock Holmes and Goosewing's Fog Machine.
10Castle Duckula: Open to the Public8 November 1988Duckula decides to hold an open day at Castle Duckula and Goosewing tries out his latest invention in his easiest attempt to kill Duckula but it ends in disaster as usual and Duckula's tea party ends with a foodfight and Igor getting hit by a custard pie filled with cornetto Ice cream inside.
11The Ghost of McCastle McDuckula15 November 1988Duckula, Igor and Nanny, on holiday in Scotland hope to stay at the Glen Sparrows Hotel but Igor has other ideas like visiting Rory McDuckula at his haunted castle and chaos ensures with Nanny hitting Igor instead of the ball on the Golf course and Goosewing trying to blast McDuckula with his bagpipe vampire blaster.
12Igor's Busy Day22 November 1988An engaged couple spent the night in Castle Duckula, allowing Igor to relive his good old days.
13Autoduck29 November 1988Duckula tries (with many failed attempts) to create a world record for the world's fastest car. The Crow Brothers make their second appearance.
14The Vampire Strikes Back6 December 1988Duckula collects enough Crunchie Nut tokens to collect a Space explorers helmet and in space, he meets his hero, Tremendous Terence.
15Hardluck Hotel13 December 1988Duckula goes to stay at a worn out and run down hotel for the weekend but he has cash problems and ends up doing all the work for the manager (inspired by the character Basil Fawlty in 'Fawlty Towers') unaware that Igor and Nanny are also staying there.
16The Hunchbudgie of Notre Dame20 December 198Duckula, Igor and Nanny are involved in a series of art thefts in Paris mainly because of Gaston & Pierre who have the deeds to the castle. It's up to Duckula & Igor and the Police to solve the mystery.
17Dear Diary3 January 1989Duckula and Goosewing discover their grandfathers' diaries, and history is sure to repeat itself!
18Rent a Butler10 January 1989Duckula sells Igor and Nanny to an agency to make some money. All goes well, until he is invited to dinner to the house where Igor and Nanny are serving. What will happen?!
19Jungle Duck24 January 1989Duckula wins a set of encyclopedias and he, Igor and Nanny travel to the jungles of darkest Africa to find the Lost Temple. When Duckula finds what he thinks is the temple, he gets a nasty shock when he discovers he has ended up back at Castle Duckula and knows he'll never find it when the castle goes into return mode. When the castle returns to Transylvania, Duckula said: 'I hate you! I hate you!' to the castle.
20Mobile Home31 January 1989Thinking he is rebuliding the castle, Duckula accidentally sells it to The Crow Brothers in disguise, brick by brick!
21A Fright at the Opera7 February 1989A homage to The Phantom of the Opera, as Nanny is kidnapped by The Phantom and Duckula must save her. But where is Igor...?
22Dr. Goosewing and Mr. Duck14 February 198Goosewing creates a formula where when drunk, the victim becomes the complete opposite of their original selves. Duckula and Goosewing=Vampires, Igor=kind and caring and Nanny-intelligent.
23Town Hall Terrors21 February 1989Duckula goes to the Town Hall to get a grant for his crumbling castle but he ends up having a railway running through the castle.
24Sawdust Ring28 February 1989Duckula, Igor and Nanny join the circus, only (in the end) to bring the house down (literally!) with their acts and two evil ex-performers, Maurice and Charlie.
25Duck and the Broccoli Stalk7 March 1989Thanks to Goosewing's vegetable grower, Duckula, Igor and Nanny find themselves up a broccoli-stalk and into a giant's castle.
26Family Reunion21 March 1989

Duckula is chosen to host the family reunion but he does not like it one bit as he knows that his relatives will kill him if they discover that he's not a real vampire. He disguises himself and visits Von Goosewing to order to get rid of his rotten relatives. Unfortunately, the plan fails after several attempts to enter the castle and on the sixth attempt, Igor sees them and after Goosewing finds out that Duckula was with him he said to Duckula 'You fiend! You monster!!' before stabbing Nanny with his stake. Goosewing then ran out of the castle and fell off the cliff. Duckula was pleased when Igor told him his relatives had gone but blew up after Igor told him that they were coming back after seven days.

Series Two (1989-1990)

Number Episode Title Original Airdate Notes
1Ghostly Gold12 September 1989Duckula travels to the black mountains in the Yukon to find treasure and gold, only later to find out from Igor that everyone in Abergoldwye were all ghosts. After Nanny carelessly bangs the doors too hard, the Castle later collapses and falls down sending everything in the castle right to the bottom of the hill. This was because Von Goosewing (unseen by Duckula) was drilling through the hill to find Duckula unseen.
2Ducknapped19 September 1989A ransom note is sent to Castle Duckula saying that Count Duckula has been kidnapped, even though he's still in the castle. The two young men who sent it try to revert their mistakes but kidnap Dr Von Goosewing by mistake. Duckula then lets them 'kidnap' him, but they soon regret it, and Nanny and Igor spend all of the ransom money.
3The Lost Valley26 September 1989Duckula, Igor and Nanny go to watch a film called 'The Lost Valley'.
4Incredible Shrinking Duck3 October 1989Von Goosewing tries shinking the Castle to put in a glass snowglobe model but chaos ensures.
5Hi-Duck10 October 1989Duckula, Igor and Nanny take an airplane to Nice, which gets hi-jacked by the bumbling French crooks, Gaston and Pierre. Duckula foils them inadvertently, but has to return to Transylvania to serve as a witness in a trial against the French duo.
6Prime-Time Duck17 October 1989Transylvanian Television arrive at the castle to feature it in a Television programme much to Igor's misery. Duckula is excited about it until the producer and presenter choose Igor to play the count and Nanny as a countess. Duckula is chosen to play all the servants. This causes trouble for Duckula later as he is booted out of his own castle. Duckula said to Nanny and Igor: 'I've only got one thing to say to you and that is "arrraaggh!!"'.
7Bloodsucking Fruit Bats of the Lower Amazon24 October 1989After Fang the Bat's (or as Nanny and Duckula call him, 'Fluffykins') training by Igor as a blood-sucking bat is ruined by a preferred taste for choccy-biccies, Igor tricks Duckula into sending the castle to the Lower Amazon in order to find another bat to train into a vampire bat. With helicopter pilot Elvyra Bonboodle in tow, they find themselves in the grasp of a female Amazonian tribe, the 'Tana-pana-nuna-wana-khanahs', who all bear a striking resemblance to Nanny!
8The Count and the Pauper31 October 1989Duckula is sick of life at the castle and plans to leave Beckindale, only to bump into Sid Quack, an old pal of his, a farmer. The two swap jobs for a few months but both soon tire of their new roles and plan on returning to their old jobs but unfortunately for Duckula, his plan to get back in the castle backfires after the secret entrance is blocked off and Igor thinks he is an imposter and tells him to go away. Sid then says: 'LET ME OUT,LET ME OUT!!', Duckula then says: 'LET ME IN,LET ME IN!!', Duckula then screams over Beckindale.
9In Arctic Circles7 November 1989Duckula travels to the North Pole and fires Igor for a penguin butler called Jyves. Igor, meanwhile hires Von Goosewing to shoot Jyves and his eight other cousins to rid Duckula of these new found workers.
10Transylvanian Take-Away14 November 1989Gaston and Pierre and Von Goosewing, in disguise over the phone, at a local takeaway food shop in Beckindale, break into Castle Duckula to steal two vases which are later revealed as fakes but Igor sees them and throws the three of them out by kicking them through the castle doors really hard. The three of them challenge Duckula, Igor and Nanny by beating them to a museum to find the real ones later that day but end up getting arrested by the Irish Police, the Garda.
11Who Dunnit?21 November 1989A letter arrives at Castle Duckula sent by Chatham, Cheetam and Runn, lawyers in London, announcing the sad passing of the seventh Duke Of Mallardborough, murdered in unusual circumstances. Duckula, Igor and Nanny fly the castle to Henheim Palace where the contents of the Duke's Will will be read. Among others attending the reading are Miss Marbles and Hercules Parrot (obvious parodies of Agatha Christie's characters!), Aunt Rose Madders, Willoughby Stane and screen starlet Lyvinia Lavender. At the reading, to the horror of everyone, it is revealed that the Duke's murder was committed by someone in the room! With the palace gates locked, everyone suspects everyone who may have been responsible for the Duke's murder. Ultimately, Duckula fails to recall his whereabouts on the night of the murder and confessing to the Duke's murder finds himself in the dock! (or should be say 'duck'?!)
12No Yaks Please Were Tibetan28 November 1989The Trio trsvel to Tibet.
13Beau Duckula5 December 1989Duckula joins the French foreign Legion in Leicester.
14Mississippi Duck12 December 1989Count Duckula and his servants travel onto a steamboat in the River Mississippi, where he tries to become a jazz trumpet player. However, this wasn't what everyone else on the boat had in mind...
15Amnesiac Duck19 December 1989Duckula falls down a hole in the castle's cellar.
16Mysteries of the Wax Museum2 January 1990Whilst visiting London, Duckula, Igor and Nanny bypass the famous Madame Tussauds in favour of visiting Dr. Matrix's Wax Museum. Upon meeting the famous threesome, Dr. Matrix seizes the opportunity to produce animatronic models of Duckula, Igor and Nanny for exhibiting to the public, and as usual, Igor is not cool with the idea. In fact, Dr. Matrix is pure evil, as he intends to programme the robots to rob the Bank Of England. With the robots brought to life, the inevitable confusion between the real and fake Duckula, Igor and Nanny ensues, especially to the eyes of the famous detective Hawkeye Solmes and his assistant Dr. Potson, who are assigned to investigate the robbery. Duckula, Igor and Nanny got stranded in London when the castle went without them. Duckula said: 'The stupid, idiotic, crumbking, useless, arrrrrraaagghhh!!'
17Return of the Curse of the Secret of the Mummy's Tomb Meets Franken Duckula's Monster ...9 January 1990Duckula is chased by an alien cabbage, a werewolf, a mummy, Frakenstein's monster, Von Goosewing, and some angry villagers. He flies the castle away from Transylvania to escape his pursuers to an island near Scotland but he gets eaten for a monsters breakfast.
18The Lost City of Atlantis16 January 1990Count Duckula and co. are stuck on a tiny island, which transforms into a pod that takes them deep down the ocean into the lost City of Atlantis and they're not very well welcomed by its people or its apathetic King.
19Bad Luck Duck23 January 1990Duckula experiences some real bad luck on Friday the 13th. The next day Duckula read the Newspaper at breakfast and Friday the 13th had come round again after the printers put the wrong date on the paper. Duckula lost his temper with Igor and fell out with him.

Series Three (1990-1991)

Number Episode Title Original Airdate Notes
1Private Beak22 October 1990Duckula becomes a private detective in Chicago.
2Astro Duck29 October 1990Duckula's new computer causes problems for TRASH and ends up landing the castle on the moon. Barry Clayton provided a funny closing narration at the end with 'as we say Goodnight Outthere, whatever you are, ha, ha, ha!!' with all the planets and moons surrounded by the darkness.
3Unreal Estate5 November 1990Duckula is fed up with the Castle crumbling around him so he decides to sell it much to Igor's horror in Hollywood. But he unfortunately is stalked by Von Goosewing and his plan to start a new life away from the Castle is foiled by the castle returning to Transylvania at Dawn automatically. Duckula was really angry and upset when the castle returned to the hill.
4Bombay Duck12 November 1990
5There are Werewolves at the Bottom of My Garden19 November 1990
6Duck Ahoy26 November 1990
7The Great Ducktective3 December 1990Goosewing tries to frame Duckula for a relative's murder with the help of Detectives Soames & Potson.
8Dead Eye Duck10 December 1990
9The Show Must Go On17 December 1990
10A Christmas Quacker24 December 1990Duckula is visited by both Father Christmas and Von Goosewing at the Castle on Christmas Day.
11The Rest is History7 January 1991Duckula travels back in time to stop the first Count Duckula from becoming a vampire.
12O.O. Duck14 January 1991The Egg decides to steal Castle Duckula to take over the world.
13Mystery Cruise21 January 1991Duckula is sat alone in the castle waiting for Nanny's favourite TV show "Super duper double drachma deal" to start. Igor moans that Duckula would rather watch TV with Nanny than stalk the castle ramparts, however Nanny doesn't appear and it turns out that she is on the show. Somehow Nanny blunders through winning a cruise for three aboard the luxury liner "The Transylvania Tania". She would like to take her sister and her niece Primrose, but ends up with Duckula and Igor accompanying her. After various mishaps involving Duckula opening the cabin porthole and Nanny taking a turn at steering the ship (Oh heck), the party come down for breakfast the next day and find the ship apparently deserted. Igor comments on the similarities with the Mary Celeste mystery and they set out to search the ship not realizing that they are being followed by the captain and the passengers all of whom have gone into hiding to get away from Nanny. Failing to find anyone else aboard, Duckula announces that they'll take a lifeboat and row to the shore. With Nanny on the oars, they power along only to hear cheering and see fireworks coming from the liner which promptly makes for the open sea. Duckula Igor and Nanny remain adrift leading into "The lost city of atlantis".

Series Four (1993)

(Thames Television ceased broadcasting on New Year's Eve 1992 to be replaced by Carlton Television. After 1992, Thames became an independent producer, and now they're Talkback Thames owned by Fremantle Media and Pearson and Talkback Studios). (When the third DVD boxset was released in the UK by Fremantle Media, the seven episodes which make up Series 4, were added to Series 3, to complete the series).

Number Episode Title Original Airdate Notes
1Around the World in a Total Daze5 January 1993Von Goosewing, with the help of world famous explorer Sibellious Smogg, challenges Duckula to a race around the world. Goosewing cheats and Duckula wins after stranding Goosewing and Smogg at the North Pole after Nanny untied the rope to Goosewing's balloon which was attached to the castle. (This episode saw the last appearance of Von Goosewing.)
2Manhattan Duck12 January 1993Castle Duckula mistakedly lands in the middle of New York, on top of all places, a department store, and Count Duckula makes a bit of money by selling the contents of the house. The only problem is getting back; the clock, an important part of the castle's travelling mechanism, has been sold too!
3Alps-A-Daisy19 January 1993Duckula tries to impress the nanny fan club by winning all the winter sports.
4Prince Duckula26 January 1993
5Venice a Duck Not a Duck2 February 1993In Venice, the Egg plans to get his revenge on Duckula by asking all his adversaries from the past barring Von Goosewing, to plan a nasty end for the count, only it doesn't work. The crow brothers end up being thrown back to London after being thrown over St Paul's Cathedral.
6A Mountie Always Gets His Duck9 February 1993Duckula travels to Canada to become a Mountie and to help an old friend, Geoffrey to arrest and lock up a French villain on the run. But it as usual ends in disaster.
7The Zombie Awakes16 February 1993Dr Quackbrain (voiced by Barry Clayton, the narrator) lures Duckula to his dream machine for his greatest experiment. (Final episode).