Dr Von Goosewing is a mad scientist and vampire hunter, a spoof of Abraham Van Helsing. He is a goose that speaks in a German accent, and often throws in a basic word or two in German, such as saying “ein” instead of “a”. Von Goosewing also pronounces “vampire” as “wampire” and he structures his English sentences with the verb at the end, the way they might be structured if they were spoken in German:
“I have for myself a wampire-blaster created.”

Von Goosewing wears an outfit similar to that of Sherlock Holmes, with a pair of spats. He often flies a dirigible with "VG" on it. It is worthwhile to point out that Von Goosewing's symbol on his dirigible looks like Danger Mouse's badge from 'Danger Mouse' (1981), another British animated television series produced by Cosgrove Hall Films for Thames Television


  • Von Goosewing pursues Count Duckula relentlessly, never able to comprehend that Duckula is actually harmless. When he's not inventing some new machine or contraption with which to hunt “wampires”, he relies on an old-fashioned blunderbuss, which is loaded with a wooden stake (although, curiously, it will sometimes’fire laser beams).
  • He is a terrible scientist, often getting injured by his own inventions. He is rather unobservant, and often bumps into Duckula and converses with him for several minutes without realizing to whom he is speaking. His realizations are often followed with the exclamation, “Duckula, you fiend!”
  • Von Goosewing appears to have (or have had) an assistant named Heinrich (who never appears on screen, yet some evidence of his existence exists, such as the uneaten sandwich in the episode 'Incredible Shrinking Duck'). Von Goosewing often calls for Heinrich and repeatedly blames most of his failures on him.
  • All evidence within the show suggests “Heinrich" may be just a figment of Von Goosewing's imagination. However, the Marvel comic books reveal that Heinrich is actually his former assistant who is always complaining about his paltry wages. Von Goosewing mentions that Heinrich threatened to resign but is still with him. It seems Heinrich may have quit, but Goosewing failed to realize it.
  • The Marvel comic books based on the show also add a supporting character: Von Goosewing’s niece Vanna, on whom Duckula has a crush. This affection is reciprocated and the two have a romance during the comic's run, much to Von Goosewing's chagrin. Goosewing pursues Duckula with greater fervour as he seeks to protect his niece from him.


Von Goosewing

Dr Von Goosewing and his blunderbuss

Von Goosewing foiled by his own invention

Von Goosewing foiled by his own invention

Open to the Public Von Goosewing

Von Goosweing's dirigible. His symbol looks like that of 'Danger Mouse' (1981)