Dmitri and Sviatislav are characters in the series 'Count Duckula'. They are bats in a cuckoo clock that serve as comic relief. Their first appearance is in the episode 'No Sax Please - We're Egyptian'.


Dmitri is the green bat with the yellow bow tie and Sviatislav is the old, blue bat with the green hat, thick, white mustache and yellow scarf. Usually, their appearance is very brief with just enough time for a quick joke.

For example, in their first appearance Dmitri asks Sviatislav: "What are they calling a pyramid with windows in it?" The answer is "A tomb with a view!"


  • The names Dmitri and Sviatislav are of Slavic origin.
  • A cuckoo clock is a typically pendulum-regulated clock that strikes the hours with a sound like a common cuckoo's call. Cuckoo clocks usually have automated cuckoo birds, in this case two bats, that move with each note. 
  • The name Sviatislav is spelled differently according to different sources. For instance, in the 'Count Duckula: Annual 1990' it is spelled Sviatislav while in the 'Count Duckula: Joke Book' it is spelled Sviatoslav. 


Dmitri and Stanislav fanart

Dmitri and Sviatislav Fanart

Dmitri and Stansilav fanart 1

Dmitri and Sviatislav Fanart