Count Duckula decides to open Castle Duckula to the public for some extra cash after encountering some financial difficulties. However, things do not quite go according to plan when some irritating tourists and Dr Von Goosewing, an eccentric vampire hunter, find out that Duckula's castle is open to the public and decide to pay a visit.

At the beginning of the episode, Igor, Duckula's butler, expresses his opinion that a place such as Castle Duckula should not be open to paying customers. Near the end of the tour, Igor decides to take the tourists to the "gym and sauna", which later turns out to be the castle's torture chamber. At the end of the episode, all of the tourists demand their money back from Duckula, who says that they are in an even worse financial state than when they started.


  • The first group of tourists to visit Castle Duckula are clearly Japanese. Their portrayal in this episode can be considered rather stereotypical in this day and age.
  • Dr Von Goosewing's symbol on his dirigible (airship) looks like Danger Mouse's badge. 'Danger Mouse' (1981) was another British animated television series produced by Cosgrove Hall Films for Thames Television.


  • Count Duckula (on Castle Duckula): "The public will flock to see this wonderful, old building. They pay to see Versailles, Windsor Castle, the Taj Mahal, don't they?"
  • Igor: "All this jollity and fun, Sir. It's not right!"
  • Duckula: "No more cobwebs, no more dust. Castle Duckula is a tourist must!"
  • Igor: "Should I dim the lights and turn on the central dampening system, Sir?"
  • Igor (to the Japanese tourists): "Gentlemen, please. If you must stare at feet, try these rather noble ones. They belong to the current head of the family, Duckula."
  • Duckula: "Now all I've got to do is figure out what I'm going to do with two hundred dozen guillotine toe-nail clippers."


Open to the Public Igor

Igor putting up all of the posters to advertise Castle Duckula to the public

Open to the Public Tea with the Count

Duckula's so-called highlight of the tour - "tea with the count"

Open to the Public Tourist Boy

A spoiled child asking Duckula whether there are any executions

Open to the Public Japanese stereotypes

Japanese tourists visit Castle Duckula

Open to the Public Souvenir Stand

Nanny's souvenirs stand

Open to the Public Torture Chamber

The Castle's "gym and sauna"