Duckula tries to create a world record for the world's fastest car.


  • Voices: David Jason, Jack May, Brian Trueman, Jimmy Hibbert
  • Narrator: Barry Clayton
  • Written by Brian Trueman
  • Script Editor: Jimmy Hibbert
  • Music: Mike Harding
  • Vocals: Doreen Edwards, Mike Harding
  • Layout: Paul Shardlow
  • Design: Chris Randall, Margaret Riley, Paul Salmon, Vincent James, Dan Whitworth, Edmund Williams
  • Animation: Stephen Thomas, Arthur DeClodet, Kay Widdowson, Paul Greenall, Claire Grey, Karen Heywood, Jennie Langley, Malcolm McGookin
  • Backgrounds: Stephen Simpson, Barbara Alcock
  • Supervised by John Geering
  • Painting: Alina Bailey, Ceri Griffin, Anne Lasseray, Dee Lodge, Lucy Owen, Pat Petronio, Corina Poore, Shaun Sewte, Janet Simmonds, Debbie Thaine
  • Supervised by Alice Clayton and Alexy Allen
  • Xerox: Tony McAleese, Andrew McLoughlin, Joan Simmons
  • Camera: Wayne Alexander, Nick Summers
  • Special Effects: Garry Owen, Murti Schofield
  • Animation Line Test: Phil Atack
  • Production Controller: Bob Burrows
  • Film Editor: Patrick Haggerty
  • Assistant Editor: Hilary Wyatt
  • Dubbing Mixer: Ted Spooner
  • Animation Director: Jean Flynn
  • Associate Producer: Chris Randall
  • Executive Producer: John Hambley
  • Produced by Mark Hall, Brian Cosgrove
  • Directed by Chris Randall
  • © Cosgrove Hall Productions MCMLXXXVII